Ugly Nudist Sinners

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All Nudist has MOVED to

As nudists/naturists we often take some things for granted.  If we’re surrounded by somewhat liberal and tolerant folks we become even more comfortable with our beliefs and lifestyle.  It’s so easy to bask in a simple understanding of the innocence and beauty of the clothes-free lifestyle.  How could any decent, caring human being feel otherwise?

Reality check.  We’re among the most feared, hated and ridiculed minorities in the world.  Our lifestyle and way of thinking flies in the face of religions, governments, fashion, industry, and The American Way of Life (which all people strive for, right?).

The following are statements and comments made by various folks who are simply expressing the feelings of themselves and many others.  We publish these as a reminder that all is not as it sometimes seems to us, and it behooves us never to forget it.

“Maybe it would lower obesity. If I see some disgusting out of shape, disfigured naked person I’d probably puke my big mac and not have to worry about the 4000 calories I just injested because it’s no longer being digested.’

“he admitted that it flatters him being looked at by naked women and also to look at women’s private parts”

“The Nudist is an exhibitionist.”

“Which is worse — nudism or porn?”

“Nudism is the work of the devil.”

“It’s almost as if nudists believe everyone should see them nude.”

“Some nudists i would not want to look at fully clothed at night let alone naked in the daytime”

“Geez my gay brother was at a nudest beach and some chick layed directly in frount of him spreading her legs to get her privates tan? My bro does not look gay and is really handsome. He wanted to throw up.”


 “I believe nudism is evil and antiChristian”

  “a lot of family naturists sites where parents can legally solicit their kids”

  “a child in a place such as a nudist beach or camp even fully dressed will only provoke thoughts of people who can potentially harm them”

  “the parents who allow this to happen should be thrown into prison. I’m totally against any of this,it’s disgusting.”

“One thing I hate about Nudist cults is how, when you are around them, you always wind up looking at people who you would really rather not see naked.”

“I dont know why,but i bloody well hate nudists !”

“And no, I don’t think it (nudity) scarred the child. It’s not like they’re colored people.”     !!?

” we wear clothes because our bodies are the ugliest things in all of nature. All other living things look fine without clothes but naked human beings are hideous so we wear clothes.”

“ALL naked humans are ugly, no matter what shape they are in.”

“it would be pretty nasty seeing a fat guy walking around”

“Theyre morally deviant sinners!!”

 “when they sit down they’d leave other things on the chairs too. like stuff from pee, sweat. grossness.”

  “their a bunch of perverts”

  “any one who think they are christian and can go to a nude beach is just wrong!”

  “Why would God make them coats of skin if it was ok to walk around naked or uncovered?”

And finally,  just to round things out a bit:

As a spiritual/religious Christian I would not go to a nude beach because  A. My body is my temple and the only one who can see it nude in all of its glory is my husband of whom God approves.  B. If a person wants to go to a nude beach, that’s fine, but what is the purpose of going to a nude beach when you can wear a bikini and be just about nekkid anyhow?  C. If you want to go to a nude beach you probably want to show off you body and you want to see others showing it off also. Why do you want to do that? Is it because you know your body looks good and you want others to admire or lust over it? Are you going to look at other bodies and their private parts and compare and lust and admire those?”

Isn’t it amazing how much these folks know about us?

Not a lot of hatred in these particular examples but plenty of body appearance and sexual references.  Those are the big ones they can’t get over.  Sex, they could understand, but the lack of sexuality plus indifference to body appearance is completely impossible for them to conceive.  So it must be all about sex.

It seems that either we’re too ugly to look at or so beautiful that we all want to have sex with each other.  Good luck explaining that neither is the case with us, that we just like to be naked!

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4 Responses

  1. Yeah, I hear ya. A couple of points.

    Hate is bad enough in itself but if someone doesn’t even know why he hates, that’s really sad.

    Nudist cults? Why haven’t I heard of these? I don’t believe I’m a member of any because I haven’t given up anything but my body shame and hangups.

    There’s a lot of unnecessary ignorance and hate out there but what can we do? You can’t win an argument with an ignorant man because he’ll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience. (Can’t remember who said it but it’s true.)


  2. Isn’t it amazing that we’re feared more than the mobs who are blowing up buildings, decapitating people, etc?

    Guess being peaceful and just minding one’s own business really is evil after all. *sheesh*


  3. I really find it hard to comprehend statements like this. Someone who can’t separate nudity from sex (and who things sex is dirty) is the one who’s screwed up on the subject. I’ll wager that most, if not all of them are Americans. Apart from theistic cultures (e.g. Iraq, etc.), Americans are the most repressed on the subject of nudity and sex; yet we have the highest incidence (per capita) of teen pregnancy and by far the highest incidence of rape — almost 10 times higher than the next-closest country.

    I recently saw “Butterfly Effect 3” on broadcast TV. There was a scene of female nudity, and of course the “naughty bits” were blurred. Yet there were scenes of *very* graphic violence — a woman being slashed and stabbed to death, blood everywhere, a finger cut off and flying across the room. There was another scene showing a woman who been eviscerated — cut entirely down the front, with entrails protruding. That’s fine, but god spare us from the evil boobies!!!

    I have to say, utterly incomprehensible.

    Admin: Violence and wanton bloodshed are acceptable because they are ‘natural’, unlike nudity. 🙂


  4. “…and The American Way of Life (which all people strive for, right? ;-)”

    Er, not really.

    The trouble with subscribing to woolly notions is that you give other people the power to define the norms you live by. I’m prepared to bet that the people who want the whole world to believe in The American Way are doing it for nobody’s benefit but their own.

    Admin: Agree totally. That comment was satirical, as most regulars here would recognize. Sorry for the confusion. I’m afraid the ‘American Way’ is no longer the ideal it once may have been, and even then not for everyone. One of America’s problems is insisting that it’s ‘our way or the highway’. Especially improper now since multinationational corporations own us and define who we are and what we stand for.


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