Rerun: Don’t Go Near the Water!

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Originally posted: May 11, 2009

minnow toes It’s kinda fun to be standing in the water at Mazo Beach and feel tiny minnows nibbling on your toes.  Tickles.  Last year’s heavy flooding washed all sorts of nasty stuff into the river and the water was unsafe for a while, but fine now.  Some folks have mentioned seeing snakes but we never have, thank God.  Don’t like snakes.  Or snapping turtles.

Now, down South they’ve got real snakes but yobanded snakeu don’t hear about many nudists being bothered by them.  It’s the ‘gators ya gotta watch out for.  And they seem to be  everywhere nowadays  That bothers me, but I don’t intend to go swimming in a ‘gator pond either.  Or near one.

big fish When we’re talking saltwater, things start getting worse, to my mind.  Aside from undertows and such, you start running into jellyfish, rays,barracuda, sharks, and other things I don’t even want to think about.  Skinny dipping is starting to lose it’s appeal.

If that’s not bad enough, take a hop around the world to Australia.  After the wildfires, crocodiles,  carnivorous kangaroos, venomous spiders, dingoes and rabbits have stampeded you into the ocean where all those aforementioned threats are, plus sea snakes and sharks await, then you have to worry about (are you ready)… saltwater crocodiles!salt-water-crocodile

No kidding, there’s been one hanging around a nudist beach near Darwin.  Not far from where one ate a guy no so long ago.  And a kid, swimming, was eaten a month ago.

That’s it.  Nothing but swimming pools for me from now on.  Or maybe bathtubs, just to be safe!

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  1. Hey, don’t forget the stingers. And yeah, the male platypus can kill you and oh, I forget, the Stonefish and the really cute and smally Blue Ringed Octopus.

    Admin: Now that’s weird, I just saw a friends photo of an Australian beach with a sign warning about ‘stingers’ today! Small world.


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