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My God it’s fun to get naked and meet people!  Being clothes-free makes for a common ground and eases introductions, allowing folks to get to know each other better.  Being nude together can also allow for an intimacy among strangers that most textiles don’t experience in social settings.  Conversations can move in directions that might not happen in everyday life, ideas might be shared that wouldn’t be if circumstances were different.

It’s much easier to find out how people think about some things than would be at an everyday social mixer.  Nudist places visited, club affiliations, lifestyle choices, lot’s of interesting things.  A little flirting can take on new meaning: a smile at this remark, a touch at that one, and much can be learned.  A suggestion for a walk, a swim, a dance, may tell a lot before a word is ever spoken that might be misconstrued as inappropriate.  A common understanding can be reached before the subject is ever broached.

Mutual seduction, in other words.

Swingers, aka those ‘in the lifestyle’ (not the nudist/naturist lifestyle, confusing), are far from rare in nudist circles.  We’ve written about them before and have no problem with their living choices, per se, but are only concerned so far as to their impact upon the nudist/naturist lifestyle in general.  As individuals we have found them to be otherwise ordinary folks.

You might be surprised to find out that your own little nudist camp probably has a healthy dose of swinging action going on.  It’s ok that you didn’t know; it means that those folks are behaving responsibly as far as their obligation to keeping things ‘family friendly’.  Some clubs walk a thin line, with beauty contests, body painting, jello wrestling, etc.  We’ll leave it to them to determine the difference between good clean fun and questionable behavior.

There are many venues devoted specifically to the various forms of swinging, and several mainstream resorts have recently gone from the standard ‘keep it in your room’ philosophy to outright endorsement of sexplay as part of the ‘nudist’ experience.  It would seem that there’s far more money to be made from financially comfortable hedonists than from Joe and Jane naturist.

We’ve been to Paradise and Caliente in Florida in the past; found Caliente to be expensive and plastic, Paradise more comfortable and relaxed, if somewhat worn.  Caliente was empty when we were there, Paradise busy.  We were a bit surprised at the level of ‘friendly’ activity at Paradise; got hit on a few times (by both genders), watched the ladies line up for the waterjet in one pool (looked like fun for the ladies but, at a ‘family’ resort?); admired the dance scene complete with and sexy costumes and behaviour.  Wondered where the ‘naturist’ part came in (the ‘gators in the pond?) but had a good time.

 NaughtyNightyNightThemeBoth resorts have reportedly gone the swinger direction now, much to the consternation of retired naturists who sank their life savings into condos there, and regular nudist visitors.  But hey, money talks!

We all know about the Hedonism‘s and other big-buck resorts that cater to a wilder crowd; there’s even an island in Costa Rica where you can run around naked, dine and dance, swim and surf and, oh yeah, they toss in a local girl as a sex toy (you can select her online)!  We certainly live in a world where anything goes!

Do we have a problem with this?  Not in and of itself, though some certainly might.  There’s a lot of social/moral issues involved that aren’t part of our discussion here.  Make up your own mind.

Here’s our problem:  These places are referred to as Nudist Resorts!  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  These are sex resorts, adult playgrounds, swapping venues, anything but nudist resorts!  Of course people run around naked; naked means sex in those circumstances, not body freedom.  These places are a Textile’s fantasy come true, lots of nudity and illicit sex!  Wheee!  The exact opposite of what nudism/naturism is about.  Nudists have more in common with the Amish, for God’s sake; we both want to be left to live our lives as we see fit and sex is not the driving force.

But the world hears of them as nudist resorts.

Toss in all the ‘nudist’ dating websites, blogs, networking sites, major and minor websites listed as ‘nudist’ (but aren’t) and they give a very distorted view of social nudism.  This is the view that most textiles see.

But does the Public see us?  Do they see a bunch of  kids happily playing in the pool at Sunsport Gardens?  Not a chance.  What about the folks that have been taking care of Wisconsin’s Mazo Beach for decades?  Do we see legitimate discussion about our lifestyle in the reputable media?   Maybe a motion picture that happens to includes a non-sexy depiction of life around nudists?  Do they know we have a sense of humor and laugh about our silly lifestyle more than anyone else?  Do they have any opportunity to have their pre-conceptions challenged by a healthy dose of the truth?

Rarely.  Nobody would believe it anyway, they know what we are.  We’re seen as those folks discussed above, and worse because we subject our kids to it.  Right out in the open.  Nevermind that ‘those folks’ have as much right to their lifestyle as anyone else.   Hell, they’re seen as almost respectable compared to us!  The public can easily understand how somebody could get nude and horney, who wouldn’t?  Makes you hot just to think about seeing a naked person, right?  Not if you’re a nudist in a socially nude situation.

What the public can’t understand is how anybody could be around all those naked people without getting horney.  They have no context in which to imagine how such a thing could be.  If they can’t imagine it, it isn’t possible.  They ‘know’ who we really are.

So next time you feel a bit of activism popping up, before you run off and tell the neighbors what you do on weekends remember what they already think about the subject.  Read that as, what they already ‘know’ about it.  Be prepared to give a bit of explanation, perhaps have some resources handy to show that you’re not really a crazy sodomite after their young son.  Be prepared to convince, not just to mention it and take their response for granted.

Then, after you all are comfortable with the disclosure and everything is back to normal, try real hard to believe that they still look at you the same.  That they know you’re just good folks and aren’t really thinking about having sex with them, and they feel perfectly safe leaving you alone with their kid.  And that they accept the idea that it’s perfectly normal to want to be naked in front of strangers and show them your private parts, without sex.

Realistically, if  it’s a he, he’s probably thinking, “I’d sure like to see her naked!”  If it’s a she, she’s thinking, “Nobody’s gonna see me naked!”

My goodness, that’s a pretty negative picture, huh?  Let’s do better.  How about if your true friends realize that you’re good people and if you say it’s ok, then it probably is!  Maybe they’ll ask some questions and be surprised by the answers, and more surprised as to how many of us are out there.  Could be that they might want to learn more or even try it themselves, wouldn’t that be great!  We can always hope for the best.

So we’ve determined here that swingers, relatively harmless in themselves, have inadvertently caused great harm to the nudist/naturist movement by their very visibility, while the true story is lost in obscurity.  Our option of ‘coming out’ is clouded by doubt as to the reception we’ll find, yet necessary to spreading the word.  That’s a choice each of us must make for him/herself, in a manner that feels comfortable.  Good luck with that.

A little suggestion:  Do not recommend that interested persons Google ‘nudist’, OMG no!  Send them here or to another legitimate site.  Send links to specific articles for them to read before they find the raunchy stuff that is so much easier to find.  Links to small nudist camps are often very friendly and comfortable feeling, not scary at all.

It’s trite but true, we are all ambassadors for our lifestyle and it behooves us to be a bit evangelistic without pressure and to startvalues them off on the right foot.  Try to recall all the false assumptions you once had and how you overcame them.  Usually 15 minutes socially nude will do the trick, it’s getting them there that’s the tough part!


7 Responses

  1. Great article!

    Admin: Thanks Greg! I took a quick look at your blog ( and will definatly return for a longer stay. I have a feeling that were I to choose to join a discussion I would need to sharpen up my ‘smarts’ a bit! Oh, and I agree with you about the evolutionary psychologist’s twitching pen!


  2. Such a great article. My husband and I have discussed our own concerns about the percentage of swingers that we feel are increasing in one of our local nudist clubs. The good news is that they are pretty discrete so we can only speculate as to who is a swinger and who is not.
    I happen to know some textile folks who are swingers and they are terrified of the idea of being socially nude. So the two lifestyles do not necessarily go hand in hand.
    We definitely make it a point to educate people we know about the true nature of nudism. About the fact that true naturists are not interested in the sexual aspects of nudity, at least in a social situation. But, that there are swingers who are nudists, nudists who are swingers, swingers who are not nudists, and nudists who are not swingers, and that’s ok as long as the groups are differentiated, just as you noted in above. It does get a little confusing when making vacation plans to know the correct resort to visit based on your own expectations. I have experienced people showing up at the wrong resort and displaying certain behavior that was inappropriate for the resort. An awkward situation for all to be sure.

    Admin: All so true. We often preach tolerance of other’s lifestyle choices here; it’s behavior that is the only issue. If folks could keep their private sexual/social behavior private, we’d all gat along much better.


  3. Sadly, people shudder at the idea of being naked but will spend a fortune to view people having sex or to have sex themselves.

    Admin: It always cracks us up when, on the way to a local nudist campground, we drive past a ‘gentleman’s club’ where people pay good money to look at naked women! Now, nudity for sexual arousal is totally different then just being naked among friends, but still… it’s just kinda funny!


  4. I want to be naked but ashamed of my small penis. should I be worried? will women lafe at me


  5. Most men think their penis is too small, it’s no big deal (small pun!). Maybe your IS small, it doesn’t matter; no one cares. Micro-penises aren’t unusual at all and no one at a nudist gathering is interested in each other’s bodies anyway. You’ll find all sizes and shapes of everything and get used to it very quickly. Suggest you go to our new website and look around, especially the section for new nudists.

    Since your penis seems to be a major issue for you here’s something that might be of interest:

    Good luck, my friend. Join us and you’ll find that you’re very welcome and will be able to overcome your fears with no problem. We know men who have NO penis and are comfortable around others, nude, for the first time in their lives!


  6. Love to join nudist groups I am a single male


  7. I lately have suspected how hormones play a part in how younger people view naturism or a naked body. They get all hot and bothered and raring to go. They are letting their hormones over rule their intelligence, but then not everyone has the same levels of either. Then the media just keeps pushing the juvenile hedonistic life style and there you have it a self perpetuating stigma.

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