Taboo: Nudity!

Here’s a good article, with video, about a National Geographic program about social nudity.  Filmed at Lake Como, Fl., it’s pretty fair and is especially useful for newcomers or those interested in the nudist/naturist lifestyle.

Unfortunately, the video portrays us as mostly retirement age people with a propensity for outdoor sports and silly parties; which is true to some degree.  A safe place to live where the grandkids can visit and everybody’s naked seems fine to a lot of us, but doesn’t paint a very exciting picture to potential younger folks.  But to portray us as otherwise might be seen as a bit disingenuous also.  Were it filmed at a beach full of nude hardbodies it would have been equally inaccurate.  It’s awfully hard to explain how both extremes can exist together to someone who sees bodies only as objects to be desired and not simply as, well, skin-covered people!

It’s a good effort and we wish more of the same would pop up in the mainstream.  Even better if they appeared without the tag “TABOO!” attached! 

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2 Responses

  1. I am naked all time


  2. I saw that program on the National Geographic channel quite a while ago. While they weren’t openly negative about nudism, you could detect their bias. They obviously considered it strange and deviant, albeit mostly harmless. There’s nothing Taboo about nudity, just wrong perspectives.out

    Admin: Ah, but they DON’T consider us harmless. Just walk outside nude and see what happens. We don’t arrest people that society considers harmless, only those who we think are dangerous. I see what you mean though. In the media we’e something to chuckle about, maybe titallating, but no threaat. That all changes when they actually see a naked person in public, then he/she becomes a menace threatening their tidy textile world! Oh, but it’s ok if ‘natives’ do it, that’s different. Ater all, they’re not PEOPLE, just natives.


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