Ice-T’s Babe Coco Calls Nudists ‘grotesque’

  In a interview with  Coco Austin, Ice-‘T’s exhibitionist wife described herself as “a bit if a nudist” then went on to agree with interviewer Allison Kugel that there are  ‘grotesque’ looking people at nudist beaches.  She does, however, feel that “there is just something about being free with your body and just totally au natural.”  She adds, “But I do like to show off my assets.”  Well sure, that is what nudism is all about, right?

  Ahem.  This coming from a woman described by her interviewer as “an outrageously proportioned human Barbie… who many would describe as the physical embodiment of a hormonal fourteen year old boy’s sexual fantasy!”  Yep, I guess the average nudist would pale beside her. 

This diminutive (5’2″) ‘natural’ beauty, sporting an enhanced 39DD-23-40 figure, seems to feel that she is the perfect embodiment of woman and everyone else should be hidden away in a closet, and certainly shouldn’t bare it all at a nude beach.  That’s a pretty poor attitude coming from someone who is also described as witty, sensitive, and down to earth. 

Now, Coco is obviously a product of her environment; ashamed of the body she was born with and happy to reshape it into whatever she feels appropriate.  She has, after all, made her career by selling that image as a model, Playboy party girl and actress in such blockbuster movies as Southwest Babes and Dirty Monks.  It shouldn’t be surprising that she views the human body as a commodity rather than something that we all live in and should celebrate, no matter how ‘grotesque’ it might be.

We hear a lot in the media about how ‘most of the people you see at a nude beach shouldn’t be seen nude’, a thought expressed usually by non-nudists.  That’s not very surprising considering that our society constantly tells us how we should look, then offers to sell us the means to do so.  Nevermind that most folks don’t now and never will achieve supermodel status, and don’t really care to.

Unfortunately, this attitude has been seeping into the nudist/naturist environment, brought by well intentioned people who would like to see naturism return to its ‘roots’, ie., the Germanic obsession with fitness that characterized the movement early in the last century.  This sort of elitism is not healthy when, more than ever, we need solidarity.  This, combined with society’s demand for impossible extremes of physical perfection and worship of youth is causing some friction within the ranks.

On the plus side, new groups focused on younger folks are bringing them into the aging nudist community at a time when many nudist venues are struggling with declining membership.  Unfortunately these groups are bickering among themselves over market share of this potentially valuable ‘commodity’, and disagree as to what direction this new generation should go.  Add to that the fact that these younger nudists aren’t interested in the more sedate lifestyle their elders enjoy, and it becomes a mixed blessing.

It remains to be seen how this will all work out, and as we’ve written about before, it will probably result in a re-definition of nudism/naturism.  Some are even suggesting a new term for modern clothes-free living: Nakedness or Nakedism. 

To be naked doesn’t carry the images of the past; no dogma about fitness or tree-hugging, poolside lounging or volleyball.  It suggests living naked whenever you feel like it, doing whatever one does but naked whether it means partying or beaching it, hiking or dancing, flirting or jogging.  It means a lessening of traditional restrictions on behavior which nudists/naturist have used as protection from a hostile society.  It is a younger, more vigorous approach to nudist living without the social constraints mainstream nudists are accustomed to.

As we’ve said, this may result in the further decline of ‘nudist camps’ and traditional nudist/naturist venues, but it may actually bring nakedness more into everyday life.  And really, isn’t that what we’ve hoped for all along?  A time when the ‘grotesque’ people can feel free to be natural and comfortable alongside the fit and trim, and when folks like the ‘natural’ Coco’s of the world are the oddity?

Isn’t that a lifestyle we could all agree upon?  Nude when and where we feel like it without anyone telling us that we don’t belong, that we’re the strange ones because we like to be clothes-free?  That sounds pretty good to us, and don’t you think that even Coco could accept that?  –  ‘Ice-T and Coco Austin on Marriage…’

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2 Responses

  1. I guess Coco’s comment shows that the human body is NOT perfect and some are more proportioned than others. As for Coco, she got off the farm to early. Many of my wife’s family are bigger upstairs and also quite attractive, but they raise them like that down south.

    Admin: LOL, yeah, fresh air and clean living will do that!


  2. […] Ice-T’s Babe Coco Calls Nudists ‘grotesque’ ( […]


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