Gays, Bank Robbers, Child Molesters and Nudists Are All Alike!

Arguing With Nudists is Pointless  (UPDATE:  This article is no longer available)

The above link is someone’s article we posted on our Facebook page; below is a comment we posted referring to it on the website that had originally posted the link to that article.  Thought it deserved a bigger audience:

Just read the enlightening piece about arguing with nudists; he must be a friend of the Rev Fred Phelps, huh? It’s amazing how much hatred some of these guys can dredge up in the name of the Prince of Peace.

That was an excellent choice of articles to reference, by the way. It demonstrates the polar opposite of a nudist’s point of view while showing what extremism looks like. It also is a good example of how impartially intolerant people can be and the means by which they can twist the truth, toss in a bit of distorted myth, and come up with a reality that fits their own sickness. “Homosexuals say that God tells them to eat feces”. Really? Didn’t know that. Hmm.

Some religious folks look at things a little differently. If anyone is interested, here’s a couple:

Nudists realize that most people look at them as being a bit strange, and even threatening.  Possibly perverted and definitely something to keep away from children! That’s no surprise; there’s a lot of history behind those misconceptions.

What really is incomprehensible is that in a society where Suzie has two mommies and Bobby has two daddies, where same gender sex is at least tolerated and often celebrated, where promiscuous sex is promoted through books, movies, TV and the media, where porn stars are regaled on talk shows, where legislators play outside of marriage, where sex is used to sell everything, where sexy is the rule, where billions are spent trying to be sexy, where gender changes are common, where little girls are tarted up for beauty pageants…need I go on?…that simply preferring to swim without a tiny bikini or a jockstrap is still considered to be…weird!

We don’t give a rat’s ass if others don’t want to be nude, we just don’t want to be arrested for tanning in the buff! And it would be nice if we, out of all the groups that are considered acceptable today, could not be thought to be the strange ones.

One can belong to any of those other types of folks and usually not be too concerned about losing your job if someone finds out. God forbid if a teacher was arbitrarily fired because it was discovered that he was one of those who ‘God told to eat feces’! But let a teacher be found to be a weekend nudist and, bye-bye job.

The funny thing is, sex (and that’s what the fuss is all about) is the last thing on a nudist’s mind when socially nude. That is the antithesis of what nudism/naturism is all about, and great efforts are made to ensure that nothing happens to even imply that it is. A nudist social setting is far less ‘friendly’ than a similar textile occasion. Legitimate nudist venues even frown upon husband and wife giving each other more than a quick, casual smooch on the cheek (face, that is)!

A long rant on a subject common in nudist circles. We can sympathize with other discriminated-upon groups and their battle to gain acceptance; it just saddens us that no one has come to our aid as has to theirs. No minority can achieve parity through its own efforts alone, they must have support from those deemed ‘acceptable’ by society in general.

DO click on pic!

I do not lie when I tell you it would blow your mind to find out how many ‘important’ people turn up at nudist venues while the world believes them to be elsewhere. We nudists are like any underground organization and we protect our own.  But I’ll tell you this, if six black SUV’s showed up at Valley View Rec.Club one day the biggest surprise wouldn’t be who the occupant was; it would be how those other guys in dark suits and glasses could stand being in the hot sun all day with their clothes on!

4 Responses

  1. These people are just a tad uncomfortable with themselves, huh?

    Admin: Ya think?


  2. My heart goes out to bdo, the author or the paranoid screed about gays, nudists and bank robbers. He has clearly been exposed to some mistreatment in life that has resulted in a very fractured world view. Thanks for drawing the comparison to more sane nudist Christans.

    Admin: It’s sad that it’s those who are unable to see the innocence of simple nudity that are so afraid of it. They only see the reflection of the filth that has been put into their own minds by someone just like them. What a waste of time and effort, not to mention the loss of happiness that inevitably follows.


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    An oldie about a common subject.


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