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  1. I think perhaps the better question is why aren’t more young people joining with traditional organized nudism. Just a quick glance through your listing of young nudist and naturist sites is evidence that plenty of young people are organizing events and some are what I would call genuine visionaries.

    I think this young man touches on quite a few symptoms but I think part of the root cause is that much of today’s organized nudism is going through a mid-life crisis of sorts.

    Is it too late for us old farts? I think the jury is still out – take a look at my latest post and tell me what you think:



  2. You need self confidence. Many young adults still have image issues. Just look at Girls Gone Wild videos. No nude males, no average looking females, totally sexually charged atmosphere.

    Those videos along with the sexualizing of most everything advertised that’s what is fed to our young society. How can you NOT think your average body does not measure up? Then there are the ones that say average looking people, chubby people, less than perfect people should never be seen naked. If you see one of those less than perfect bodies, OMG your scarred for life.

    Older adults, have learned self confidence, don’t care who sees them and are comforted to see they are the same as everyone else.

    What a realization…


  3. The young aren’t involved with ORGANIZED nudism, just like they aren’t involved with politics. And children aren’t old enough to think for themselves so they follow after their parents. Most people don’t have internet so they know nothing about clothes freedom.
    However, I know a number of young who hinted at enjoying nudity but joining a club just to be clothes free is expensive, far, reference checks and a ton of other bull_shi.t hassles including worsening depression level unemployment.


  4. I would think that the reason why the younger generation is not interested in organized nudism is because of how rigid the current nudism is and how it’s not open and accepting of all people and all body types.

    I think the one way organized nudism can save it’s self, is to start infusing more younger members in and get more younger members involve as well.

    Admin: I’m not so sure that body acceptance is currently an issue with mainstream nudists, but ‘accepting of all people’ could be. For various reasons, many of which are legitimate, single males and some lifestyle types are discouraged from participating fully.

    Were restrictions on single males be eliminated, the atmosphere of clubs would definately change either to heavily gay, which would displease a lot of people (translate to lost revenue)or a hook-up place which would discourage many women (already shy of nudism, often for that reason)and displease a lot of people also.

    ‘Alternate lifestyle’ folks, while generally accepted as couples, are expected to keep their behavior under wraps lest the atmosphere of the club change and discourage mainstream nudist from attending. Many clubs and resorts have gone this route and that eliminates more places for the average nudist (ie; the dwindling money base) to go.

    None of those scenerios encourages the growth of mainstram nudism and in fact changes the whole thing to something else. So, simple acceptance is not the solution.

    The younger generation currently uses existing facilities for their events while not being part of the mainstream that suports them. Without that support clubs and resorts are closing, reducing the number of places for the young to go. When they have nowhere to go, their own movement will suffer too.

    So while young nudists offer hope for the future of organized nudism, evolved though it may be, by the time they have aquired the means and desire to support venues those very venues may be gone.

    I don’t see an obvious solution other than youth groups perhaps ‘adopt’ local venues through some sort of partial membership basis to support and gradually change them into something more accomodating to their needs while not chasing off the old guard at the same time.

    And though the young don’t consider this, they too will one day become those whom they feel distanced from now; they will age and the things which interest them now will not do so in a few years. Where will the new ‘mainstream’ they create be then?


  5. The thing is, that the younger generation is more accepting of people such as LGBT people than the older generation. I think the problem is that the younger generation is not in tune with organized nudism and that some believe that organized nudism has not met their needs. I think some see organized nudism as if it’s a retirement home.

    Admin: “I think some see organized nudism as if it’s a retirement home.”

    I hate to say this but you have a point. Not long ago we were at a weekend nudist event which had bands and dancing in the evening. We walked into the pavillion and, swear to God, it looked like we had walked into a retirement home. Chairs lined up facing the band, all old(er) people sitting there like stumps on a log staring at the band. Not a soul dancing, many not even nude. Expressionless, vacant.

    Later, a few younger folks showed up and danced a bit. Newest music was from the 60’s plus some country. Not very exciting. Slow dancing? How can you slow dance without touching your partner? Hand on shoulder, hand on waist, distance between bodies, of course.

    Sometimes in our zeal to maintain a squeaky-clean image we take all the fun out of it too. An event for adults (mostly married even!) needn’t be like a chaparoned 7th grade dance in the 50s, must it?

    Seeing that room full of fossils (and I’m one of them!) vegetaiting there totally deflated my mood. I left and read a book, though Angie stayed and tried to get things moving a bit. Maybe I’m too picky but it just wasn’t fun. God only knows how the younger people felt about it. Certainly not something they’d recommend to their friends as a fun way to spend a weekend, not to mention the cost.

    Somme places are actively attempting to involve younger folks and that’s great, and the youth groups need to keep on them to continue. Things can change but it won’t happen overnight.


  6. Younger people are not into joining groups or clubs. And with the way the media and the american society have promoted nudity with being sexual or perverted (Pornography) it is no wonder they don’t want to be part of these groups. They would rather do it on their own. Find a friend and get nude. They just don’t go places that other nudist go.
    Schools no longer require students to take showers after gym class. They are afraid someone will see them nude and freak out. When I was a high school student the PE instructor stood by the shower and made sure you took a shower. It was a way to teach you about health and cleanlyness. We, the boys, even had our swimming class in the nude. Today someone would call the instructor a pervert and sue the school.
    This is just my opinion.


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