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  1. At what age do the young naturists kick you out as a member because you are too old?


  2. Usually around 30 but they may be flexible, you’d have to ask. I just wonder what happens to all the 30 to not-yet middle-age group. Maybe it’s time for a 30 to 50 nudist social club?


  3. I heard they take them out and shoot them, if you reach 30…lol

    It is nice to see young people involved in naturism, but it is sad they only want to be surrounded by young people. Some of the senior people like the same activities the younger set does. Probably not as much into HipHop or whatever. I like drum circles and such.

    It will be interesting when the leaders and founders of the young groups reach 30, will they change the rules so they can stay or will they leave of their own accord, that will be interesting to watch.

    I think this whole group thing is splintering the naturist movement.


  4. Splintering? Perhaps, or maybe it’s just new growth that the old trunk doesn’t recognize as itself but younger. The various youth groups approach nudism/naturism in slightly different directions which themselves are different than traditional ways. As the world changes so do attitudes and activities which can challenge older ideas. As with any change, there is risk; but without change there is no growth and ultimately, nothing.

    We’d like to see more connection between the established organizations and the new ones so that they could work together rather than expending energy separately. If impetuous youth can slow down enough to learn from their elders, and if elders can understand that the ‘good old days’ are gone (if they ever were)and it’s time to lighten up a bit, then maybe there IS a future for something called ‘naturism’.

    We’ve written before about changes in the wind and the future of our lifestyle, and it’s probably fair to say that there will be a time when naturism as we know it no longer exists. Whether that’s because casual nudity will become more common or because the textile world stamps us out is the question. A lot of the answer lies in the hands of our young naturists; they’ll be the ones on the front lines.


  5. Is the age of 46 and married acceptable for most “young naturalist” orgs?


  6. That depends on the groups, Ned. some limit it to under 30, some have found that to be unworkable and have opened their group to anyone. You’ll need to check with each to find out. By the way, this website is no longer updated. Please go to All-Nudist.com !


  7. I’m 46 & married & I am a member of the Vita-Nuda Australia young Naturists group on Facebook… they do let some older Naturists in on a case by case basis depending on what you can contribute to the group.

    Myself being a very public advocate of the non sexual lifestyle & admin of a couple of nudism groups creator of Australian Naturist News page on FB seems to qualify me.


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