Want to Start a Nudist Group Near You?

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Have you wanted to join a nudist club or group near where you live but there are none?  Would you like to be able to associate with other folks who are interested in safe, social nudity but have no idea how to do it?

What if your local group isn’t really your cup of tea?  Perhaps you’d like to be part of a youth group but the local club is full of retirees?  Or maybe the nearest nudist venue tends towards septuagenarians and you would like to visit there with some folks your own age?

Well, it sound like you just might want to start your own naturist group made up of like-minded people who can work together to make things happen!

We’re not going to go into detail here, but starting a nudist group isn’t much different from beginning any other club, other than some issues of privacy and safety.  There are some resources listed below that can help you learn how to assure that privacy can be maintained while  also verifying that folks are who they say they are.  You cannot allow potential problems into your group.

As in any club, you will need to establish ground rules concerning the purpose and scope of the group; what it’s there for and what it intends to do for its members.  What are you planning to do together?  Is it strictly a meet-up for discussion or will you travel together to venues?  Is it a beach group or just for house parties?  What kind of behavior is expected?  This is where it would be a good idea to have an experienced person who belongs to an established group as an adviser.

How to find folks to join is the first thing to consider.  Perhaps you already know a few who could act as a core group.  It would be a good idea to include at least one woman right from the start, if only to help assure other women that they won’t be alone with a bunch of guys!  You can ask friends, start a private Facebook or Google+ page (watch out for the creeps! ), post on other nudist FB pages, put up posters on campus, advertise in local publications; use your imagination.  Keep safety as a top priority!    Trust me, anything with the term ‘nudist’ will attract creeps like flies to honey!  You must have a means of verifying identity while also maintaining privacy for the individuals.  

These folks have a great site with a lot of useful information.  They’re a non-landed club in the Washington D.C. area.  (ed. note: The club has disbanded and regrouped as Capital Area Family Naturists )

Everybody should have a group nearby, right? You don’t?  So… .start one!

Get a blog , find local nudist/naturist links and message boards, talk to other nudists, and get your butt in gear!

Years ago my ex and I started a soccer club for kids whose families couldn’t afford to join the fancy-schmancy local clubs.  It is now one of the largest soccer clubs in this part of the state.  It CAN be done.

If you have a place where you can get nekked, or travel to, you can do it.  It’s always more fun when you’re with friends!  Nothing nearby?  You’d be surprised how many hotel/motels are happy to rent their facilities for a night or weekend for a guaranteed booking.  Even bowling alleys, rental halls and dance clubs!  Really.

Then there’s house parties.  Lotsa fun for a smaller group.  If somebody has a fenced pool or hot tub, even better!  We went to one where they had a galvanized stock tank (for you city folks, that’s a big metal tub) propped up with a propane burner under it in the garage in the middle of the winter!

So there.  You’ve got the idea.  Go for it!


And lastly, if you are in the Madison, WI area, contact us if you would like some local advise.  We’d be happy to help out!

14 Responses

  1. I live in the Charleston, S.C. area and don’t know of any groups. It would besought wonderful if someone with the know how would please start one.


  2. We’re happy to help folks, but expect them to put in at least a little effort before asking for help. One simple Google search yielded this. Call them and ask about groups they know of, perhaps someone there can be of assistance!

    Carolina Foothills Resort
    90 Carolina Foothills Dr
    Chesnee, SC 29323
    Phone: (864) 461-2731
    Visit Website |

    Cedar Creek RV Park
    PO Box 336
    Pelion, SC 29123
    Phone: (803) 894-5159
    Visit Website |

    Travelites, Inc.
    PO Box 90836
    Columbia, SC 29290
    Phone: (803) 695-1937
    Visit Website


  3. Hubby and I had a core group that met at our home for hot tub parties. It was outside and I remember one time, the snow started to fall and it was really special to share that with all of them. I really miss our friends and the shared activity of social nudity with them.

    Although-now that we live in a nudist community, we have a lot bigger group of friends to share the love of being nude! (And a lot bigger hot tub! LOL)

    BTW-if anyone is close to TN and needs a place to meet for your new and/or established group, please don’t hesitate to come here. We have many groups that visit for various occasions. And we love to meet new friends. 🙂


  4. I would like to start up one in Connecticut being that their are no nudist clubs or groups in Connecticut.


  5. Here’s a good place to start: Google results for ‘Connecticut nudist’. Also try ‘resorts’, ‘clubs’, groups’. Then repeat substituting ‘naturist’ for ‘nudist’. Good luck!


  6. I know their use to be a non landed nudist group in CT, but I don’t know what happened to them.


  7. nice blog, You are som pure nudist


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  11. I live in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and I would like to start a group here. Can you help me get started?


  12. Somewhere on this site is an article about that. You can try ‘search’ or scroll through these to find it! https://allnudist.wordpress.com/archive-listing-of-articles/


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