Problem in Papamoa

Papamoa Beach in New Zealand had been used by nudists for a long time now.  Out of the way and secluded to some degree, in a nation which has no specific law prohibiting nudity on beaches, there were few problems for nudists who frequented it.  All that has changed.

In recent years, following the trend around the world, swingers/couples, oversexed pervs, voyeurs, and badly behaving gay men have been creating the same trouble here that they cause everywhere.  This not only makes the beach less desirable for legitimate naturists, but draws unwanted attention from law enforcement and the media.  Local townspeople become upset and the blame for the situation falls, of course, on the nudists.  Doesn’t it always?

Here’s a series of four recent news stories about the Probem in Papamoa.  Three are from just prior to a recent nudist gathering there, one is after the event describing how it went.  While reading them consider the attitudes of the ‘opposition’ and what they base their complaints upon and ask yourself some questions:

  • Are some of their concerns and ideas valid?  How can we correct that?  Why aren’t we?
  • Are some so wildly incorrect that it makes you want to scream in frustration?
  • Are they consistent in their reasoning or merely using this opportunity to express their distaste for nudists and others who don’t share their particular world-view?  Note the casual derogatory misuse of naturist when referring to the miscreants.
  • Appearance as an argument against nudity!
  • What are their misconceptions and what can we do about that?

These articles together:

  • Exemplify what is going wrong with nudism/naturism worldwide
  • Demonstrate the negative perceptions of nudists today held by so many people
  • Show us what needs to be attended to by the nudist community at large if we want to maintain the gains we have made thus far, let alone ever hope to gain acceptance by the general public

The pesky ‘outside agitators’  that promoted the event:  Bay of Plenty Naturists 

Free Beaches New Zealand

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