What is it about a nude that’s offensive?

Jennie always has something to say about the public’s perceptions regarding nude images, especially when it comes to art.

Jennie's Palette

At my local shopping center there is a massage place. The poster in the window has a nude woman’s back and the prices extending down her spine. It’s a cute concept until you get to the lower region.

This woman has buttocks, but no dividing line.

You can see where the heal tool was used, and you know that even with some shapes there is no way that this woman was born without a buttcrack.

In Japan, anime with nude breasts can be shown on any channel at anytime- providing the nipples are removed.

In many countries the tiniest bikini (an inch covering the butt and nipples) is enough to satisfy propriety while nudity or g-strings aren’t.

The details, it seems, must be covered or removed.

This makes me wonder. Is it the breast that’s “offensive” or is it the nipple? Are buttocks a problem or just the crack? Why…

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6 Responses

  1. no es para tanto.


  2. es cierto,quizas donde esta el amor placentero de ser,el sitio mas hermoso de todos.


  3. Es mucho Cierto.


  4. Everyone thinks nudity means that there’s sex involved somehow. Most of what is in the news about naturists makes us look like all we do is think about sex. We don’t but they think we do anyway.


  5. So true. We’re universally feared and despised by those dumbass textiles!


  6. We tend to agree with you but that is not the view of some nudists who seem to think that we are beloved by textile society. They prefer to believe that we share the respect that any other social or recreational group does, and that the public accepts doing things naked as perfectly normal. Hard to argue with that mindset.


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