Sunny Day For Wisconsin Nudists

  Well, we said it was sunny, not warm!  We received a few inches of snow in a late Winter arrival yesterday.  It’s been an easy Winter up until now, not terribly cold or snowy.  If it was a couple of years ago we might be tempted to go to Mazo Beach to catch some rays and get a chance to feel the sun on our skin. Not so much anymore, age is catching up with us!

But no matter, Winter’s back is broken and though we may still get a whopper storm, Spring is near and we can handle just about anything with that thought in mind!

Our Australian and other southern hemisphere friends must be feeling the approach of their Winter looming in the not-so-far distance; what an awful feeling!  It seems so long util warm weather again when months of cold lie ahead.  Fear not, Aussies, Spring will come again, just about when you think Winter will never end!

But alas, no beach for us today.  The road is closed and we’re not up to a mile hike through the woods even to enjoy that beautiful feeling of sun on skin and sand snow between our toes!  We didn’t manage to make a trip to Haulover as hoped this year, so we’re fish-belly white again and practically glow in the dark!

This year, by God, we’re going to get ourselves out more and use the Summer months to best advantage.  Still in recovery from my many repairs, last year was kind of a bust for nuding around.  Feeling much better now so expect to be able to take advantage of the good weather while we can!

One Response

  1. Sunny Day For Wisconsin Nudists
    I feel your pain as I to living in the state next door
    I’m soo tired of tanning lights


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