‘Nudist’ Pedophile, Misstatement, & Dating

Headline and comments, nothing unusual.  Someone does something bad, claims to be a nudist, the headlines do the damage.  Often the comments are more interesting than the article, and more revealing.

Usually the comments are nasty with a couple of nudist-types trying to defend nudists, to no avail.  Not so bad this time except for a couple of unfortunate remarks made by those who should know better.  Really, advertising nudist dating on a article about nudist pedophiles?

NV Nudist Sentenced for Lewdness with Children  

“A Sparks nudist has been sentenced to three consecutive life terms for sexually abusing young female relatives.”  – KOLOTV.com

  • It is clear to me that this man was not a nudist by any means, but a pedophile posing as a nudist.”   – Northern Nevada
  • Nudity is a wholesome activity shared by some, but not for everyone. In this area there are a few of us that believe in family friendly non-sexual nudity and are part of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR).”  – Northern Nevada   WTF?  A few?
  • This story has been forwarded to the AANR so that they can choose to dispute what the media reported if they desire. As the local affiliated nudist organization we do feel that the story was incorrectly reported slandering the reputation of good nudists”  – Northern Nevada
  • “Any real nudists here ? Nudistkiss com I would like to recommend you to the world’s best and largest nudist dating site for world wide nudists , naturists and naked people to share nude photos and experiences and chat with real nudists Lots of fun on Nudistkiss com”  – Jessica  (Thanks for the helpful input, Nudistkiss!)
  •  “…mentioning that they were nudists is totally irrelevant. Kind of slander isnt it?”  – Anonymous
  • “This is the perv’s comment/defense, NOT something some reporter is making up to slander a particular lifestyle, regardless of the mental damage to 8 yr old psyches having to watch out-of-shape ol’ grampa might cause.”  – F. Lee Baybee
Mountain out of a molehill?  Maybe, but we really don’t need anything that makes us look bad, especially tied to an article that already does so!  Be careful, people!
Here’s another article with some details:
Sparks Nudist…   “…he told investigators he was preparing the girls for the “real world”  – Montgomery Advisor

4 Responses

  1. Die Moralvorstellungen der Gesellschaft haben sich in der letzten Zeit sehr gewandelt. Auf der einen Seite die unwahrscheinliche zur Schaustellung der nackten Girls (bringt ja viel Geld in die Kasse) und auf der anderen Seite gibt es viele Menschen, die gern nackt sein wollen und es auch zeigen möchten. Ob nun als Familie oder Single. Aber gerade diese Menschen werden in den Dreck gezogen, weil sie nicht der Normalität entsprechen, was ist normal?- darüber sollte man mal diskutieren. außerdem gibt es genug Reporter, die nur darauf warten, das sie die “unnormalen” in den Dreck ziehen können, weil sie mit dieser Berichterstattung viel geld verdienen können. Und leider gibt es viele Menschen, die diese Berichterstattungen lesen wollen, sie sind süchtig darauf.


  2. Google translation: “The morals of society have changed very recently. On the one hand, the improbable to the display of the naked girls (yes, a lot of money is in the office) and on the other hand, there are many people who like to be naked and want to show it too. Whether as a family or single. But these people are just drawn in the dirt because they do not meet the norm, which is normal – it should be discussed once. In addition, there are enough reporters, just waiting, that they are the “abnormal” may result in the dirt because they can earn much money with this coverage. And unfortunately there are many people who want to read these reports, they are addicted to it.”

    Rough translation but we get the point!


  3. I like all of nudist , becaouse I think I have a many same fells.


  4. […] post their sites all over Facebook.  We even saw an ad for one of them on a comment board for an article about a ‘nudist’ pedophile!  Shameless profiteering.  Do you think they care about […]


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