Nudist Dating – $ – Love?

You see them all the time; they look very much alike, claim to be the ‘largest in the world’ and will connect you with lots of nudists seeking YOU!

Or maybe mostly a lot of guys looking for …something.

You can ‘join’ for free to see what’s there then, if you’re not too smart, spend a lot of money. Hey, maybe it works for you!  Possibly not.

Well, a lot of them are the same ‘dating’ service under different names. In fact, you can even start one yourself!  We did, to our regret.  Seemed like a good idea at the time.

These aren’t scams since they do let you decide if you want to spend money, but they may not be exactly what you expect them to be. Be cautious.

All Nudist ran one of these sites for a time to see if we could make a buck or two.  It appeared legit. We advised folks to join for free but NOT to spend any money, and as far as we know, no one did. Good.

We made a little money ($2 per FREE membership) but after looking deeper into what was really there we decided to drop it. It wasn’t what we thought it was, plus they held off paying us for months (the check is in the mail – really!). Can’t say that didn’t raise some veracity alarms.

In any event, if you’re thinking of joining one of these sites, consider spending the money and starting your own instead! It’s cheaper and all you have to do is buy a website and turn it over to them!

Of course, the more you promote it, the more people will join. Hence the FB pages that post their sites all over Facebook.  We even saw an ad for one of them on a comment board for an article about a nudist pedophile!  Shameless profiteering.  Do you think they care about nudists, or just money? is one of the largest of the parent companies and their nudist dating sites have a distinctive appearance, with variations.  Free to join, etc.

As far as the other large nudist dating services, they may be wonderful!  We’ve never heard anything actually good about them, but they might be worthwhile.  Just don’t spend any money unless you know what you’re getting.  Almost everything on the internet with ‘nudist’ attached to it is anything but!

‘Nudist’ is a marketing term which targets folks looking for sex-related material.  It’s a terrific eye-catcher and is often used to give non-nudist enterprises the ‘legitimacy’ of nudism.  Don’t be taken in by a name.

But listen, if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and don’t mind looking around, then by all means do so!  You might get lucky and meet some folks worth meeting.  But watch your pocketbook.

If you seriously want to meet someone special, we’d suggest E-Harmony, our ‘Alma-Mater’ as it were.  You can discuss your nudist preference in your profile and are much more likely, in our opinion, to find a fellow nudist love interest and less likely to find a bunch of lonely guys complaining about the lack of women on their dating site!  (the small print at the bottom of dating sites will often lead you, eventually, to the parent company.  This is a big one with lots of ‘affiliates’.)


This particular one has spammed our site over a dozen times:  Naturist Passion

Just had a thought; why don’t you look at those various links then tell us about your online nudist dating experience!  We can learn more from each other than by reading ‘reviews’ about the subject.  Could be interesting.

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    Here’s some editorial opinions about ‘nudist’ dating sites. Your opinion may differ but hey; it’s our blog! 😉 E-Harmony has done well by us – 8 years and going strong!


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