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We recently posted an article from Young Naturists America (YNA) on our Facebook page resulting in a question from Felicity of YNA.  Here’s the posting and our  reply which was too long to post there (and maybe here too!):

YNA was PR sponsor for naturism at a sex party – “Nobody got naked or had sex.”

 Well, that sure sends a clear message that naturism isn’t about sex. Of course, not everyone feels that way. No worry; the general public knows that nudism is not about sexuality and won’t misinterpret this, right?

 Most importantly, it will add members to YNA! You know, the ones attending the sex party… 😉

The Guilty Pleasure Party at the Museum of Sex took place last week, and I am happy to report it was a fruitful event for YNA!

Felicity Jones: Are you being sarcastic all nudist? Even if you’re not, I don’t know why you keep referring to the event as a sex party.

All Nudist: Felicity – Where would you get that idea? Everything in the intro is straight out of YNATNS, or AANR documents or public statements, or a reasonable extrapolation thereof.  ‘Sex party’ is simply a shortcut for ‘sex museum/sex store party celebrating sexuality, sexual aids, sexy attire, and sexually suggestive performance involving a group of folks very interested in sex’.  What else would you call it?  Somehow, ‘Tupperware party’ doesn’t seem to apply!    😉

As you are well aware, YNA has taken ‘naturism‘ in new directions, and has done so very successfully.  Not everyone agrees with that or feels it is good for ‘the cause’.  All Nudist has consistently supported YNA and the other youth groups in their efforts to bring some life to our aging and somewhat calcified lifestyle which is becoming polarized between mom & pop clubs, beaches, and high-end resorts.  We also speak up when we feel mistakes have been made.

There is a gap today where young urban folks don’t fit.  Lacking easy beach access or local camps (where individually they’re likely to be uncomfortable or unwanted among fossils anyway), there is little incentive to explore the idea of nudism/naturism.  YNA fills that gap.

Just how YNA accomplishes that sometimes grates against those insistent upon traditional naturist values and behavior; it is seen as a threat to established order and tradition.  There is concern that the ‘wholesome, family oriented’ image of naturism will be soiled by combining nudism with normal young adult behavior.  Young people, you see, still like to have fun in ways often frowned upon by mainstream nudists who have forgotten what it means to be young.

Nudists have long learned that most forms of affection or (dare we say it?) playful sexual interest in another person are strictly forbidden at nudist venues.  Your predecessors have had the fear of adverse public opinion drilled into them through decades of persecution by a suspicious public and have had to hide their hobby lest their lives be destroyed.  Sex, or even the suggestion of it, is the wolf huffing and puffing at the nudist door.

Today’s young nudist has little to fear from ‘exposure’ in a society where simple nudity is small stuff compared to other formerly taboo behavior which is now not only tolerated, but celebrated.  You are able to enjoy the nudist lifestyle with a freedom that previous generations could only imagine.  You are also able to enjoy it in ways which have not been widely available in the past.  Some of those ways are so alien to traditional ways that they appear to be incompatible with mainstream naturist values.

And maybe they are.  But like it or not, YNA is a leader in the ‘new nudism’ which will change the way we practice our pastime.  As the world changes and small clubs close, as nudity becomes more common in non-traditional situations, and modern attitudes infuse the naturist community, functions such as those YNA sponsors may become much more of a mainstream practice and be considered perfectly acceptable by all.

Until then, though we applaud YNA‘s bold ventures into this new world of nudism and accept change as inevitable and ultimately beneficial, as an advocate for traditional nudist/naturist values All Nudist will continue to speak out when we feel those representing social nudism do things which stretch the boundaries of our lifestyle or present it in a questionable light.  YNA‘s members may be able to go boldly forth into the future, but the rest of us must live in the reality of today, and that includes placating a society which can end our lifestyle with a stroke of a legislator’s pen.

The fact the we said nothing before the party and only this mild tongue-in-cheek mention now should be considered a compliment, not a major criticism.  Ground-breakers like YNA must expect some flak now and then; it’s part of the deal.  Be glad when that criticism is constructive rather than condemning and consider it as a window into other viewpoints.

It’s easy to become myopic and defensive when others see things differently; better to know what you’re up against and consider your actions carefully lest you create opposition instead of support.  Leaders lead by example and gain allies by considering the values of others, not by dismissing those values as invalid or inconsequential.

We are right to question some things, and the fact that we do indicates that they may be approaching that undefined line between acceptable and unacceptable. If YNA or anyone else chooses to tread close to that line, then they should be prepared to get a reaction.  How they respond to that is the demonstration of a true leader.

Was I being sarcastic?  Maybe a little, in a nudge-nudge, wink-wink sort of way.  Just pointing out a small dichotomy between traditional and non-traditional interpretations of what naturism represented in the past and what it is becoming.  C’mon, who could resist a set-up like that?

Now, this was a very long explanation of a pretty simple concept, but if it clarifies our position as to YNA and it’s relationship to the changes coming to our lifestyle, then it was worth it.  We support your efforts to recruit young folks but sometimes question the methods; that’s not such a bad thing.

After all, we could have used all this space to condemn YNA‘s ‘assault’ on traditional naturism and the ‘damage’ it may be causing, but instead focused on the positive.  We’re not your enemy; consider us a nosy neighbor who likes you but feels compelled to chide you when the music’s too loud!

Please keep one thing in mind, All Nudist  will always work towards what we feel is best for our lifestyle.  Not everyone will agree with us, we may err on the side of caution, but we will always give our honest opinion on topics affecting  the nudist/naturist community.

Right now, YNA and the other youth groups are the biggest thing to happen to social nudism since the invention of the swimming pool!  You’re making waves and shaking foundations;  you can expect to receive some attention…and you will.  Oh yes, you most certainly will!


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14 Responses

  1. With YNA and FYN trying to get more younger gen into Nudism, they can expect criticism about how they are bringing nudism to the social media age. Sometimes how they do things may shock people other times it may wow people. Either way, YNA and FYN is doing things that are helping keep nudism alive, but the longer term will be, will their efforts pay off. That is something I am waiting to see.


  2. That’s pretty much what I was trying to say, but you did it much better, and in many fewer words!


  3. I’m straight and to the point. I cut through the bull and tell it like it is


  4. We try to… diplomatically. Unfortunately, nobody here is a trained diplomat! Win some, lose some.


  5. Thank you Steve, I really liked this post. Honestly I couldn’t tell what your tone or intention was in what you said on FB (such is life sometimes with internet communication). Yes, we expected some flak for promoting the MoS event, and it’s totally true that some people saw it as a threat to traditional naturist values. YNA as an organization is still young, literally, and so we’re actually still experimenting with a form of new-age naturism and how to promote it in today’s world, especially to young adults. But we appreciate constructive criticism and your putting things into perspective here! 🙂 Thanks again.


  6. It was my pleasure, Felicity, thank you for your gracious response. You’re so very right, nuances of speech are easily lost in translation and, to be honest, its easy for one unfamiliar with someone’s particular style of writing or humor to misunderstand. The fault there lies with the writer as it’s his/her job to get the message across, not the reader’s to decipher the meaning.

    We’ve been writing on All Nudist for some years now and tend to forget that new readers don’t have a background with us to help keep things in perspective. By ‘perspective’ I mean ‘take it with a grain of salt‘; we want people to think! Add to that a couple quirky senses of humor and it sometimes lands us in hot water!

    As you folks at YNA forge new ground you will undoubtedly receive much criticism for trying new approaches to bringing people to our lifestyle. Nudists are a rather paranoid folk and don’t want to see their cart upset. We don’t think YNA is going to topple the cart, but you might shake it up a bit!

    But don’t worry, we’ll be there to give you all sorts of unwanted advice on how to conduct your affairs!


  7. Experimenting is good. Getting more young people into naturism is good. Meeting new naturists where they are is so good I wrote a blog post about it (http://nuderenewed.com/2012/03/16/new-naturists-meet-them-where-they-are/) that even name-checks YNA. 🙂

    Any time the words “naturism” and “sex” appear in the same sentence, a minefield appears along with them. Most people avoid minefields because, well, they don’t want to step on a mine. Most naturist organizations would’ve avoided associating with the MoS event on that basis. While it’s an opportunity to meet potential new members – and it sounds like it worked out that way for you – the potential for collateral damage is just too high. Most naturist organizations don’t want to take on that kind of risk. But you talk about “experimenting”, and there’s always a risk in that. I’m glad to see that you’re taking risks, but you’re being smart about it. Because we can’t afford to have naturists stepping on mines – especially young, activist ones.

    tl;dr I’m glad it worked out for you. You seem to understand the risk and how to deal with it. Keep it up 🙂


  8. Yea meeting other nudist is one of the hardest things to do ever since Social media. It’s getting harder to meet in person when you have social media.


  9. I have to say that this was one of the most honest and straight forward blog posts I have seen. We are all imperfect at best and there is always room for us to learn and grow. Criticism is important as long as it is constructive and with the purest of intentions at heart!

    You have earned much respect by explaining what you think and why. Thank you for this erudite blog post!


  10. Well Jordan, between Felicity and you we’re pretty overwhelmed! Our (usually my) lengthy explanations often draw more fire as I dig a hole deeper and deeper. It’s such a relief to have gotten the point across.

    Truly, we admire the efforts you guys have made and the deserved success you are enjoying. Whether your methods or the events you sponsor all really fit into the category of mainstream nudism/naturism or not is debatable since it has never been done before on this scale. It would be easy to question how a naked party in a city nightclub could be considered ‘naturism’, but the first nudist camp swimming pool might have raised similar concerns about breaking tradition. And what about sunblock, huh?

    We’ll leave that debate to others (well, maybe..) and watch to see how it goes. Your organization may evolve into something unrecognizable as naturism, or you may become the mainstream as it slowly embraces some of your ideas. Many changes have already occurred in the types of activities happening at nudist venues and more are likely to come as our society moves along. You are the tomorrow of that society and it would be smart of the rest of us to pay attention lest we be left behind in our moldering horseshoe pits pool loungers.

    But that sexy stuff, you’re going to get some resistance there and not just from us. Social nudism can’t afford to be publicly linked to sexual activity in any way. There’s plenty of sex that goes on in the nudist/naturist world, but it’s kept behind closed doors and most especially, it’s not advertised. I don’t think we’re going to be able to let you slide on that one, sorry. Generation clash? Fair warning, ok?

    Thanks again for the comment, now get back to work bringing in some more nudists!


  11. Way ahead of you sir! We are now working on our next 4 events!

    Regardless of what we do, we can always count on the fact that we will catch flak from someone about something.

    For example…

    There was a pool party in Long Island about a month ago after which people were pissed about the fact that YNA had acted inappropriately and caused some damage. The funny (or sad) fact is that they forgot to mention that we (YNA) were not even there!

    Or how about the email that was floating around about how YNA had misbehaved by getting all kinky in the pool during the last FYN event… Needless to say, we were hundreds of miles away.

    And the list goes on and on and on….

    It makes life much harder and far less productive when every other day people are attacking each other publicly!

    In my opinion, the greatest threat to our movement comes from within.

    We need less talk, more respect and a pinch of common decency would be nice 🙂

    And with that said… I wish you a beautiful weekend and I shall get back to work!


  12. Well, you sure were busy misbehaving where you weren’t even at! That’s what happens when you represent a movement, you get the credit/blame for everything that everyone else does. Just keep your cool and be a good example; that’s all anyone can do. You have a great weekend too, hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!


  13. The problem is, that the old timers are still stuck to their old ways


  14. Yep. They figure that they paid for it, so they want to keep it. Not so strange. When the current generation buys or builds camps and resorts all over the country like their predecessors did, then they can decide what to do with them too!


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