Nudist Youth Camp Season

A reader recently asked us where to find a nudist youth camp for their youngster so we thought we’d gather some information for those considering that idea.  Here’s what we found through an admittedly brief search.

We personally have had no experience with this subject and would recommend that any camp considered be checked out with AANR or TNS first, just to make sure that everything is up to snuff.

There has been some controversy in the past but we haven’t heard much lately, at least any directly related to youth camps.  Do your homework and good luck!

Old Enough to Make a Lanyard, and to Do It Nude –

Some Perspective on Naturist Youth Camps – SCNA

Sunsport Gardens Youth Camp – Sunsport Gardens

The War Against Youth Camps – The Bare Times

Naturist Society 2012 Events – TNS

Youth Camp Faces Criticism From Politicians – Arizona Republic

2003 AANR Youth Camp Controversy – Professors and Researchers Special Interest Group –  The Naturist Society

Be prepared to do some explaining to your friends, co-workers, minister, and  anyone else who decides to Google for information about this wholesome family activity.  The articles listed above are the good search results we found; the rest were mostly porn or negative, as is to be expected when searching nudist topics.  Unfortunately, those are the ones that people see the most and use to unfairly categorize us all.   So what else is new?

Courteous behavior is expected; please stay on-topic. Thanks!

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