Being an Intersex Nudist; Nicky’s Story

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This is a guest post by Nicky. Thanks for sharing 

As an intersex person, body acceptance is one of the most difficult things an intersex person has to do. It’s hard for some intersex people to accept their body because medicine and society try their hardest to hide and erase intersex people. Intersex people like myself have come to terms with our bodies and even accepted our intersex body for what it is. As an Intersex person who is also a nudist, I have come to terms with my intersex body and because of nudism, I have accepted my intersex body for what it is.


About myself, I was born with an intersex condition called Kallmann’s syndrome.  I was born with ambiguous genitals, some breast growth and a micropenis. At birth my folks called me Nilavong, a Thai girls name. When I came to America, I was given a gender-neutral…

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