Still naked? A personal story of a #ProudNudist

Nu et heureux - Naked and Happy

Here’s a simple personal story about nudism, respect and fun.

A couple of weeks away, I was working from home. After the alarm rang, I woke up and went to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast, as I usually do. Sleeping naked, I prepare and have breakfast nude, always. Then, with the kid having left early for school, and while my wife was getting prepared to go to work, I went running into the woods, dropping my pareo quickly to enjoy a naked jog. Forty five minutes later, I was back, alone at home for my morning meditation. You guessed, still naked.

Once done, showered, and equipped with a good cup of green tea, it was barely eight and I was ready for a long working day, facing a pile of work, and tons of calls. Morning went through like a breeze and I prepared a quick lunch thay I enjoyed on the terrace, before going back to work, until the kids came back…

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