Congress Legalizes Nudity!

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public-nudity-vermont    In a surprise move Congress approved new legislation making nudity legal nationally, virtually anywhere.  This was a small item slipped into a bill being passed dealing with foreign arms shipments.  As often happens, legislators rarely actually read the bills they pass and little oddities like this often slip by unnoticed.  That’s how the slaves were freed.  Boy, was that a surprise!

Anti-nudity protesters are already marching in Washington and State capitals wearing extra layers of clothing, often in smothering heat, to demonstrate how they believe others should live their lives.

CNN reports that many nude people have already not been arrested in various parts of the country for exercising their newfound right to be comfortable.  Nudists nationwide are in ecstasy over this.

Our personal opinion about this is dismay.  What fun is it if we’re not an oppressed minority?  We can’t gripe and complain anymore.  We’re, ugh, mainstream.   There…

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