Sad news for all the  naturist Bieber fans

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Remember when Jusitn Bieber posted this picture of himself without clothes on a boat on the water.

After the image hit the Internet some in the clothes free community eagerly heralded Bieber as mainstream role model for the clothes free life. I was not to be counted in that number. Now comes this a new image announcing the phot was deleted and explaining why.

The photo that accompanies the Biebs mea culpa has his clothed from head to toe. The reason may well be sincere who am I to judge but it certainly should give pause to those in the clothes free community who too quickly jump to claim celebrity nude pics and a useful way of advancing the cause.

I believe strongly that is not celebrities nude pics that will make the difference in normalizing clothes free living but images of everyday ordinary people doing everyday ordinary things while…

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