Swimmer Loses Arm After Alligator Attack in Florida

Swimmer Loses Arm After Alligator Attack in Florida

Swimmer Loses Arm After Alligator Attack in Florida

OK, all you Florida nudists.  So you have the highest number of shark attacks in the world; no big deal.  And the place is swarming with nasty snakes and giant pythons and other creepy stuff running rampant, while alligators frolic in every puddle of water to be found.  Still,  it’s a nudists’ paradise!

The only thing is, if you leave your air conditioned residence you’ll either die of heatstroke, be bitten by something nasty, or eaten by an alligator!  (If you stay out of the ocean, your odds of being eaten by a shark are greatly reduced).

Maybe that’s something that separates the serious nudists from the rest;  they’ll endure these  inconveniences every day for the sake of their lifestyle!  Imagine that;  every time they step outdoors to enjoy some nude freedom, they’re risking their lives!

Oh yeah, and they can afford to!

No offense intended; we do the same thing to our Aussie friends!

(Oh!  almost forgot to mention how bad we feel for this person foolish enough to swim in alligator-infested waters…)

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