Naturism, a State of Mind by guest Blogger: Kevin C. Price

Naturist Fab

I am so happy and humbled that my good friend Kevin Price wrote this piece on Naturism and asked me to post it on my Blog.

I have known Kevin for almost a year and a half when we started to work for us on a contract basis.  We became good friends as both of us shared many of the same views on life. When I told him I was a naturist he never batted an eye.

We have on two occasions gone on a naturist excursion that you can re-read in the following blogs. Naturist Friend:

My Afternoon at Suzie’s Lake:

I hope you enjoy this piece from Kevin as much as I.

Be Free and Naked


Naturism, a State of Mind

By Kevin C. Price

What is a Naturist? Well, according to the XIV Congress of the International Naturist Federation (Agde, France

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