My Second outing with the All Welcome Halifax Drama-Free Skinny Dipping Group: Soldier Lake

Naturist Fab

Hello everyone. I couldn’t wait for last weekend to begin. I had RSVP’d my response to participate in the next skinny dipping event on Saturday September 19, 2015 this time taking place at Soldier Lake Nova Scotia.

I don’t have GPS in my car (I know, I know who doesn’t have GPS???) so I had to rely on the maps provided on the invitation and on Google Maps. Saturday came around and I advised that I would be going a little earlier than the 1:00 pm planned as I had another event to get to at 3:00.

So, I leave home dropping off my husband to the Casino at 11:30 as our event was there and I went on my way to the lake. My sense of direction, or the directions provided are not very good so of course I missed my turnoff and was going out of my way…

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