Misconceptions about Naturism

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There are so many misconceptions about naturism in the media and a lot of the comments made really irk me.

Probably the one that gets to me the most is: “The only people you see on nude beaches are the ones you don’t want to see”.   I mean really? Everyone comes in all shapes and sizes. We need to embrace diversity especially in a naturist setting. We are all beautiful, inside and out.

Recently Robbie Williams (of Take That fame) was reported in saying: “I will never be a naturist because I have a small c**k”.  BLOGS OF THE DAY: Why Robbie Williams can’t be a naturist http://dailym.ai/1R6f9IF via @MailOnline

Again I say, really? Goodness knows and especially naturists, nobody cares about the size of your penis. Why is it that men are so fixated on this issue? Does it make you less of a man if you are not well…

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