Hi I’m a 21 year old nudist who’s friends are all younger than me and all are cool with me being a nudist, some even are beginning to enjoy nudism themselves. What are your thoughts on inviting my younger friends to a nudist beach or something?

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You’re lucky that your friends are cool nudism and have tried it themselves. It’s the best and most positive way nudism can be shared with others.

I see no problem with spending a day at the beach with friends, especially if they are okay with nudism themselves. There’s no age limit for it. Families attend nude beaches all the time, why can’t friends?

You didn’t specify, but if they are under 18, make sure their parents are aware of where everyone is and are okay with it. It’s not worth losing a friendship. (No ‘lies of omission’ either, be honest.)

Another thing you might try, is going to a resort or signing up with a club. They are always happy (or at least they should be) to have young people attend. Most give discounts or benefits when you refer others. That’s in addition to having a discount already for…

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