Clothing optional “sexy” hotel parties gets attention of city officials

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

‘Clothing-optional’ parties draw scrutiny from city officials in Virginia

At the Oct. 27 meeting, the Rev. Terry Hartikka with the Cornerstone Family Church claimed that a “clothing-optional” party took place at Virginia’s Coates Plaza Hotel the weekend before Halloween. The website for the “SpookTacular Sexy Halloween Party” event sponsored by AttractionUSA, a swingers club, says: “If you’re offended by nudity, and being aroused seeing a whole bunch of sexy, fun, sensually charged people, this is not the event to attend. However, if you’re open to reach out and share in the excitement, then this is the party to attend

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Curator’s note: This is why the clothEs free community must be careful about the language it sues and associations it makes. The next event or activity labeled clothing optional in this area will have the assumption being sexually related to deal with.

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