Sexy centerfolds are NOT about Nudism Advocacy!

Clothing Optional

Hey friends,

You know what drives me bonkers on social media? I see so many people out there who claim to advocate nudism and be nudists, but yet I also see so many of them who mostly display a lot of centerfold models, if you know what I mean. Like the kind you’d find on nude centerfolds in magazines like Playboy or Playgirl. The hottest chicks who have the most flawless bodies, greatest tans, the most perfect breasts, you name it. Or the most toned, muscular and sexiest looking studs–you know what I’m talking about. I seriously don’t understand why some people display these as ways to advocate nudism–the way I see it, these pictures seem to give the exact opposite message of what our way of life is about.

These pictures of course are part of magazines that are meant to activate the sexual impulses–obviously these magazines were not…

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