Thank you, and more thoughts on the human body

Catholic In The 21st Century

Note #1: This post is me expressing my personal opinion. If you are angered or offended by anything I say in this post, let me know by commenting on it and we can talk about it. Also: The reason I say this is that I can’t read others’ minds — I don’t know how a person will react to what I write, no matter how pure my intent is. So I just want anyone reading this to know: It’s not my intent to offend or anger you, I’m just explaining my thoughts on a subject.

Note #2: This post contains artistic depictions of male and female nudity.

Thank you to everyone who “Liked”, or is following my blog now, because of these three posts:

My Thoughts on Nudism

Reaching out to nudists

A message to nudists

I never expected these posts of mine to get the amount of feedback that…

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