2015: A Crazy Year in Review

the Writer's Disease

Two-thousand and fifteen was my 5th year blogging, and I have to say, this has been the craziest year to date.

Without a doubt, the most standout event was my moving from Blogger to WordPress. I always knew this had to happen someday, but I was reluctant, for the same reasons I hate moving to a new house. All those articles and pages to transfer! Over two hundred! Plus, I wasn’t sure I’d like WordPress any better, though everyone says the same thing: Blogger is for beginners; WordPress is the big leagues.

Ironically, my moving was the result of someone trying to do me harm. After posting a Kickstarter video on YouTube, I got criticized for my looks, and went ballistic on the guy. Now, I cannot know for certain whether he was involved, but soon after my altercation, my Blogger site, which has been up for 5 years without a qualm, was reported for ‘objectionable content.’ My Google rankings…

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