31 ideas in Support of Naturism

Thoughtful Naturist

This is a greatly shortened and edited version of a file called 205 Arguments and Observations In Support of Naturism compiled in 1996 by K. Bacher and freely available from various internet sites.

PDF available here:- 31 ideas in Support of Naturism

In no particular order, naturists typically note these points in support of their lifestyle.

1.    There are times when clothing is uncomfortable and unnecessary.
2.    For some activities, nudity is often far more practical than clothing, e.g. swimming
3.    A naturist is not a body lacking something.
4.    Many psychologists say that clothing is an extension of ourselves. So is nudity.
5.    Clothes-compulsiveness creates insecurity about one’s body.
6.    Naturism promotes wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and shameful.
7.    The practice of naturism is an immensely freeing experience. That sense of freedom is consistently rated by naturists as one of…

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