My Camping Adventure at Bare River | Scott RedCloud

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After a beautiful Friday afternoon with Happy Bare at Bare River, it dawned on us that since it was going to be very hot and humid (35°c to 39°c) to come back the next day and spend the day camping overnight on Saturday and to watch the fireworks that were going to be fired from LaRonde. It was going to be Italy to fire their show too. Saturday morning came and after sitting on the balcony getting some morning rays of sunshine while sipping my coffee, I preheated my oven to cook us some sweet and spicy italian sausages to bring with me to the river for us to munch on. I packed as much as I could carry with my saddle bags on my bike rack. packed 5 liters of water and bungeed sleeping bags. I also had my backpack filled with my camera, tripod and a sweater incase…

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