Court ruling send Unoffical nude beach goers in Australia running

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# Do you agree with this bizarre new law on Aussie beaches?

Unofficial “nudist beaches” could soon become a thing of the past within Australia, thanks to a bizarre new legal ruling from the Sunshine Coast.

The Maroochydore District Court upheld a “wilful exposure” conviction for local man David Charles Winston, who was caught swimming naked at an unofficial nude beach called Alexandria Bay.

When presiding over the appeal, Judge DCJ Jones said that Mr Winston was guilty of exposing his genitals in a public manner, without any valid excuse.

However, Mr Winston argued he’d been told the beach was an unofficial nudist spot, and had been for some 30 years.

Allegedly, Alexandria Bay was even identified as a nudist beach by the local tourist information centre. Mr Winston claimed at least 15 other nudists were present at that beach, on the day of his arrest.

This unexpected legal ruling is…

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  1. I so wish they (“authorities”) would stop that silly carry on. DO let the tourists who flock to the ‘legal’ locations, elsewhere in the world come and spend time and money. A wonderful climate being wasted!!

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