New Zealand broadcaster reveals he is nudist calls on judge to do the same

Formerly clothes free life visit our new home

Paul Henry uncovers his nudist ways

During a feedback segment on Tuesday’s show one audience member wrote in suggesting Henry tell the public why he was so passionate about the subject.

“I’m actually not passionate about it, in fact, I’m exactly the opposite,” Henry said before announcing he was a nudist.

“We know that people have huge hang-ups on nudity,” he said.

“And for me it’s no big deal, is it? It’s no big deal at all.”

Another commenter said judges needed to be transparent and should avoid situations where they left themselves vulnerable to blackmail.

“If he is a nudist, who cares, be proud of who he is. It has no reflection or consequence on how he holds up the law,” the audience member said.

Paul Henry agreed with this statement.

“I think it does a disservice to nudists that he’s hiding behind it.

“He’s been caught out, but…

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