Teacher loses job after student steals her phone, shares nude selfie | NOLA.com

School authorities still blame the teacher, however, and have yet to discipline any students.

Source: Teacher loses job after student steals her phone, shares nude selfie | NOLA.com

There’s a rousing conversation going on at Twitter about a woman who shared her new nudist status on FB for all to see.  Predictably, some jerk gave her a hassle about it.  You know the type.  Now her example is being presented as the reason women are staying away in droves.

One story, no other examples, no sources for numbers, nada.  Statistically meaningless.

Some well-meaning types who seem to live in a fantasy world cannot fathom why she might have expected this, or, for that matter, why anyone should feel the need to ‘hide’ their highly unusual and misunderstood naturist lifestyle from anyone.

That’s fact, not opinión.  Nudists have been ‘hiding’ for generations for this very reason, as have persons holding any ‘threatening’ views on many topics.  Wishing it wasn’t so won’t change that; only time and education can.  Facing reality is a beginning.

Now, one might think that even a little dose of reality would jar these idealists from their imaginary world of tolerance, acceptance, and kumbaya long enough to remember that we live in the real world, where folks like this teacher are guilty of nothing yet are punished by society while the real offenders are let off the hook.

We at All Nudist have striven for years to present social nudism as it is today, not as it once was or might be someday.  That’s someone else’s job.  We just wish that they’d get their heads out of Oz long enough to recognize and deal with reality instead of shooting the messenger who reminds them of the difference.

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