All Nudist

Whoa, head for the hills!  Hell’s Angels are coming!  tattoo-1

Not really, it’s just some guy (or gal) with tattoos.  Actually, maybe just one little butterfly on her butt.  Or a ‘Mom’ on his arm.  Or, an entire body covered with ink.  Oh my goodness.

What’s this all about?  It’s called body art, or tattoo.  For as long as people have been here and someone figured out that by poking holes and rubbing in a stain, a permanent design could be added to an otherwise empty slate.  Popularity varies from time to time, and culture, but’s always been around.  Why is it so scary?

It’s different.  Like nudists are different.  In our society we have learned to perceive it as relating to criminals or lowlifes.  Maybe sailors, but they’re excused, right?  Hey, I was a sailor and always kinda regretted never having gotten drunk with my buddies and waking up with…

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