Gays, Bank Robbers, Child Molesters and Nudists Are All Alike!

An oldie about a common subject.

All Nudist

Arguing With Nudists is Pointless

The above link is someone’s article we posted on our Facebook page; below is a comment we posted referring to it on the website that had originally posted the link to that article.  Thought it deserved a bigger audience:

Just read the enlightening piece about arguing with nudists; he must be a friend of the Rev Fred Phelps, huh? It’s amazing how much hatred some of these guys can dredge up in the name of the Prince of Peace.

That was an excellent choice of articles to reference, by the way. It demonstrates the polar opposite of a nudist’s point of view while showing what extremism looks like. It also is a good example of how impartially intolerant people can be and the means by which they can twist the truth, toss in a bit of distorted myth, and come up with a reality that fits their own…

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