Should You Be Spending More Time Naked in Public?

Naked and Happy

Here’s a good question posted in the Willamette Week: Should You Be Spending More Time Naked in Public?

For naturists it’s a resounding Yes! However, the story of the author is insightful and probably shared by many of us, naturists and non-naturists alike.

After going through a relative happiness as a kid to be naked, aversion for nudity grew through teenagers time and is still solid with many adults. And then comes the experience of social nudity: “When (almost) everyone is naked, suddenly it doesn’t feel weird.” But, “when we see those bodies, we feel uncomfortable.”

And, by realizing every body has flaws and variety is interesting, this is where the epiphany generally happens. “So that instead of feeling like our own weird bodies were the only ones that didn’t look perfect on a billboard, we could understand that we fit just right within the breadth of naked humans?”

The author…

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