Is Social Media a good promotional tool for Naturists?

Naturist Fab

Since writing my Blog “Naturism and the acceptance of Body Image” over a year and a half ago I have often wondered if social media is good for the naturist lifestyle?

I follow many positive naturist sites; here on WordPress, Twitter, Tumblr and now Instagram.  I find it a daily chore to weed away the “Porn” trolls who; for lack of a better term are there to get their jollies off by seeing naked people.  Its nudity everyone, get over it.  It’s not lewd and has nothing to do with sex.

Sex is between two loving people in a healthy relationship that remains (or should remain) behind closed doors.  Naturism has nothing to do with swingers.  Naturism is feeling good about yourself, feeling confident, being open, honest and free. A Naturist is accepting of others, no matter what their shape, size, color or gender, knowing that all bodies are beautiful.

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