“…it might scare little children and offend churchgoers…”

All Nudist

Heaven forbid little children should be scared, and God forbid
that churchgoers should be offended!  If there is one founding
principle of Western Civilization and the United States in particular, it’s that children must be protected and that the Godly need not be confused or offended by ideas contrary to their own.

At least, that’s what some good folks in Arizona believe.   Now, they don’t have a problem with violence on TV, wars for corporate profit, everlasting torture by a loving God who asks folks to murder their offspring just to make a point,  children masquerading as demons from Hell, or the strip joints around town, but they draw the line at fat people.

Bill Tonneson put a statue of a large-figured woman (?) in his front yard in Tempe, AZ., with the permission of the authorities but he forgot to ask his neighbors first, it seems.  Good God-fearing folks that they…

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