Falling in love with a naturist…

Bare Thoughts

I asked my girlfriend Santana how it was for her, to fall in love with a naturist guy while she had never thought of doing naturism herself. Here is her story, in her own words. Uncut. Enjoy.

I met Harmen on a dating app called Badoo. We talked about everything, like things we like to do. In the app, there’s an option to have private photos. I asked Harmen if I could see them. He gave me access almost instantly. I opened the map and couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw Harmen…. Naked! ( most of these pics are used in my first blog: How naturism changed my life ) I didn’t expect these kind of photos and didn’t know how to react. Sure he mentioned a few times his love for naturism, but blue as I was, I wasn’t expecting those kind of photos on his Badoo profile.


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  1. Love this story of true love!


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