Why Do I Love Angie?

All Nudist

Let me count the ways…

IMG_3338 A lot of little stuff. There was never as much laughter in this house before she came. She is free with her happiness about everything from a silly movie to a dumb thing a cat (or me) does. She laughs when I fart and laughs more when I say ‘scuse me’. She stubs her toe and cries out then laughs about it.

I hear her talking with kids or sisters on the phone and she laughs, genuinely, a lot.

She’s the happy person I’ve waited for all my life. She makes me happy.

She mothers me when I stub my toe and brings a basin of warm water when my feet hurt. She endures my cooking when it’s not so great and doesn’t appreciate criticism when hers is not so great. She insists on doing laundry and dishes (ok with me!) and is a pretty…

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