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  1. While I applaud the author’s optimism, I don’t see it happening.The media examples he provides are products of American television which continues to push the boundaries of acceptable exposure. Remember when we weren’t allowed to see Barbara Eden’s belly button?

    A certain amount of nudity, or rather, implied nudity, has become more acceptable provided certain “blurred” lines aren’t crossed. In the programs that feature non-sexual nudity (ie, Naked and Afraid), certain parts are blurred out. We know they’re naked but we’re still not allowed to see breasts, a bare ass, or a penis. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before the networks forego the blurring but I don’t think it’s coming any time soon.

    Nudity for titillation and entertainment is still more acceptable than nudity in real, everyday life. It’s one thing to see a naked couple trying to survive in some far off jungle (with appropriate blurring, of course) but quite another to see a naked couple walking down Main Street USA.

    What about the WNBR? I strongly suspect that most spectators at these events see the naked riders as a form entertainment. “Oh, look, naked people!” Click, click. They take pictures as they engage in righteous condemnation.

    Naturist acceptance in 2017? We’ll see. If I check my mailbox and take my trash to the curb with impunity and without having to put on some clothes, then maybe.

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  2. I have to agree with you completely, and said so in fewer words on this Twitter post.


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