Why does art make nudity OK?

Nude Movement

57a87b702a00002d004f8e5aPhoto: © Angelo Musco Studio, used by permission. To sign up for future shoots click here.

I was at an art gallery the other month, playing Mozart background music on my viola while gifted artists milled around appreciating each other’s paintings of the nude human body.

I was taken aback at how sensual some of these paintings were. I guess it had been a long time since I’d viewed nude art.

They were sensual enough for some of them to cause me to feel something…’down there’.

What a riot.

img_1405Yet, if I decided to suddenly dismount from my viola, take off my clothes, and join the lovely ladies on the wall in their nudity but as a real-life addition – that would have caused the riot – as well as probably not getting paid for my background music that evening.

Funnily enough my encounter with this art society…

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One Response

  1. Nudity is O.K., on quite a few beaches, as well as in resorts etc.. And I have sat (nude) particularly, @ River Island Resort, Cap d’agde, etc., and had the same conversations and interaction as I have had “in textile” at other locations! Honestly!!!!!


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