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“Being Naked is about more than just the discarding of clothing. It is about discarding the need for protection of any kind, physical or conceptual. It is about reframing our lives around the knowledge that there is complete harmony in the universe! It is about embracing the abundance that is our birthright. It is about accessing our own divinity. It is about living with complete freedom and enjoying every moment of the experience.”

– Nadine Sabulsky

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  1. Beautifully stated !!!


  2. I agree wholeheartedly that being naked is about much more than merely discarding our clothing, but I disagree that it has anything to do with discarding the need for protection. Indeed, it is only when we feel protected and safe that we can enjoy a naked lifestyle, and we do well to take whatever actions are necessary toward that end. For me, a naked lifestyle is about practicality. The health and economic benefits, to say nothing of conveniences, make a lot of sense to me. Additionally, I see no valid reason to hide the miraculous feat of bioengineering and the glorious work of our Creator that is the human body. Although I personally give no validity to the notions of linking nudity with being in harmony with the universe, abundance, or our own divinity, a naked lifestyle just works for me on so many levels.

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  3. I could be wrong, but I believe that Nadine was referring to the feeling of comfort and safety afforded by being among other nudists/naturists. There’s no need for ‘protection’ when you are among those you trust.


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