Naturism Is Natural | Catholic In The 21st Century

“To me, this is how naturism differs from nudism: Nudism is about living in harmony with others, naked. Reading a book, shopping, working, eating dinner — doing everything you would normally d…”

Source: Naturism Is Natural | Catholic In The 21st Century

(And here we have the most recent addition of bloggers speaking about that of which they know little.  While the rest of the nudist/naturist world strives to work together to get over the artificial and inaccurate portrayals of our lifestyle, writers like this create divisiveness over imagined differences between nudists and naturists.

There is nothing original in this article, nor in the previous one which denigrates social nudism.  It’s worth reading only as an example of how far we have yet to go and how easily newbies can be misguided.)

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  1. I’ve read the two articles and I profoundly disagree with nearly everything he says. I’ve read some of his earlier articles in which he’s admitted that he is not a nudist and has never been in a nudist setting. I find his claim that being nude with others without arousal is unnatural and requires a great deal of self-discipline to be, at best, misinformed. The idea that nudity equates to sexual arousal or desire is a cultural construct (and religion is part of culture).

    My own experiences with social nudity, both in and out of a “nudist” context, have been among the most “natural” experiences I’ve had. That includes experiences I had before I knew anything about nudism. Being nude is natural but our culture has taught us to believe just the opposite.

    I will likely post something on my blog about this soon once I collect and organize my thoughts.

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