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  1. NATCOM 6, is the 6th Annual International Naturist Conference in Thailand. This year 100 attendees are expected.

    NATCON 6 presented by Thailand Naturists

    Probably never before in Asia has a social movement event drawn more interest than NATCON in Thailand. The 6th Annual International Naturist Conference in Thailand in in the past has seen attendance of participants from many Asian countries as well as Europe, America, South Africa and Australia and New Zealand.

    There are audio visual presentations from attending countries, water sports, singing, cooking, and general all around fun and friendship.

    Citizens of some of the counties in the past that have visited Thailand for naturism, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Australian, New Zealand, Ukraine, Israel, Italy, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia. America, Canada, and South Africa.

    What is this event really about you might ask, well it is simple really, the coming together of like minded men and women for friendship and the promotion of naturist living. The group has this to say about their beliefs “Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature, characterized by the practice of communal nudity, with the intention of encouraging respect for oneself, respect for others and for the environment.”

    No one is worried about if they are dressed correctly, as everyone is undressed the same. Newcomers to naturism quickly realize it is not about your body being naked or seeing others naked but the removal of any status that clothing or society creates. There are big bodies, medium bodies, and small bodies some with big parts, some with medium and small parts but it doesn’t matter as no one is being judged or judging others.

    If you think you might be or are interested
    in finding more information go to:


    You all are invited!

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  2. We have just finished a meeting on NATCON and confirmed the costs and details for NATCON 6, the will be coming out this week with official registration form.

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  3. We’ll be awaiting our complimentary attendance, lodging, and airfare! 😉


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