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Listed as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List, the polar bear has been affected by sea ice losses in the Arctic from global warming which have caused a loss of habitat and prey. In summer 2012, sea ice losses in the Arctic were larger than the size of the United States. Biologists estimate that there are 20,000 – 25,000 polar bears. About 60% of these live in Canada and they are also found in the U.S. (Alaska), Russia, Greenland and in Norway.YWP will be working with the conservation organisation Polar Bears International to raise funds and support research and work with polar bears in the wild so this is where we need your help, we are looking for willing participants to Bare all on this three quarter mile naked dash around Yorkshire Wildlife Park.To sign up to this event please read the following information below beforehandBy signing up to Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation’s “Bare all for Polar Bears 2016” you will need to pay a £10.00 non-refundable registration fee per single person and by doing this you are pledging to raise as much as you can to help support YWPF’s work with Polar Bear’s international.To enter simply complete the registration form, pay the appropriate registration fee and bring a form of ID along with you to the event. Family and Friends can attend on the evening and tickets for this can be booked online, Spectator tickets are purchased on a first come first served basis and you must enter with the participant and be known to them, ID will be requested at the gate for anyone Yorkshire Wildlife Park suspects to be under the age of 18 and no admittance will be granted if ID cannot be shown. The event will take place once the wildlife park has closed for the day to general visitors. Bearers will be able to enter from 6.00pm to register at Tsavo Lodge and undress for the dash. A secured changing area will be in place for you to leave your belongings. At 7.30pm bearers will need to make their way to the start line at to embark on the “Bare All for Polar Bears” dash. It will take no more than 15 minutes to do and you can either walk, jog or run. Once you cross the finish line you’ll receive a foil wrap and commemorative medal. For the person’s raising the most money for YWPF and Polar Bears International you will win a very exclusive VIP behind the scenes Polar Bear ExperienceWhat is the minimum age to enter?The minimum age to enter the event is 18yrs for participants and spectators. Proof of age will be required before entry on the night so please ensure you have ID with you. Failure to prove your age may result in non-admittance into Yorkshire Wildlife ParkDo I have to be completely naked?Nudity is encouraged for all participants. However we understand that this can be quite daunting, so please do get in touch with us. This is a big undertaking and we don’t want to single anyone out who wants to take part. Don’t forget we will be providing you with a polar bear mask! All Bearers will be provided with a foil wrap to start the dash and you also need to wear comfortable shoes that you can walk, jog or run in.How long will the dash be?The dash will take place within the grounds of Yorkshire Wildlife Park and will incorporate a course around the park which is three quarters of a mile. Will there be food and drink available?Food and drink will be available to be purchased in Tsavo Lodge on the evening until 9pm. Is there somewhere I can leave my clothes and belongings?Yes. There will be a secure changing area and place to store your bags. This area will be for the bearers only and no family or friends will be allowed to enter this area. YWP will store your bags until 9pm when the event will close. If any bags go uncollected, they will be sent to Lost Property at the end of the night. How do I get to Yorkshire Wildlife Park?Please visit and follow the links on how to get hereIs the whole of Yorkshire Wildlife Park open on the evening of the event?No. The Bare all for Polar bears event will be limited to certain areas of the park. Family and friends will be able to cheer and encourage you from the designated spectator area.Will I be arrested for nudity?No. Yorkshire Wildlife Park is private land. However you must arrive and leave fully clothed to the event and respect others whilst inside. Any inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated throughout the event and YWP reserves the right to remove anyone who disobeys the rules.What will the gender ratio be?We hope to gain a good mix of Male and Females taking part in the event. It’s down to you to do as much as us to encourage both your male and female friends to take partHow do I fundraise?Official sponsorship forms and BT Donate information will be supplied once you have registered. All registration fees will go towards the costs of running the event and Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation will benefit from the sponsorship and spectator fees raised in addition. We will of course do everything that we can to su

Source: Bare All For Polar Bears – 14th July 2017 Tickets, Fri, 14 Jul 2017 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

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