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  1. Love Abby’s reply and it is the correct one. We are nudist couple, we live in Oklahoma and 3-4 times a year travel to Wisconsin to visit my mom and family. We stay with my 86 year old mom and she’s fully aware that we are nudist. We often go nude in her home in her presence. I have asked several times if my husbands nudity or mine bother her. She always says that people should live however it makes them happy. Thanks mom for accepting and not judging us !!

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  2. While you’re in Wisconsin, there’s Toadally Natural Garden up towards Oshkosh, Valley View southeast of Madison, and Sunray Hills (heavy on swingers but not obnoxious) south of Milwaukee. Mazo Beach on the Wisconsin River has been shut down. 😦

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  3. Thanks, were are aware of both of these places, it’s just a matter of getting the most out of time while there trying to see all the family. However it is fun to visit other resorts. 🙂


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