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  1. I have tried to join this group, but it is age restricted.
    They will not allow anyone that is TOO old to join.
    I guess they think old is mold…..lol

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  2. Hey Bruce. We are sorry about that, honestly. It was set up and for, under 40’s as explained totally in the FAQ you read on the main page. We do have an incredible team of staffers from all over the gtobe as well, in every section, monitoring new people, doing checks, and a lot of other security measures. It is far more then FKK most definitely. Music to arts to tv to even reading and gaming and tech and a lot more.

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  3. We’ve seen other youth organizations relax their age restrictions due to lack of young members, and that kind of defeats the purpose. It’s quite understandable that young folks want to do young things with other youngsters, that’s no surprise!

    Ideally, the ages could mix and enjoy a multigenerational experience, but most venues don’t have the facilities to offer everything to everyone. I’m afraid our smaller clubs will wither and die since there is a dearth of young, monied folks willing to take up the reins and do the everyday work to keep things working.

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  4. Drop me an email, All-Nudist and I will be happy to give you a guest pass to see how it is or, get with me on yahoo messenger. I just gave you a note of thanks btway, on the site for the post!

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  5. Thank you for the offer and the thanks! We’re actually slowly backing off on this website and all it entails, mostly for health reasons and the amount of time it consumes. It’s hard to let go, but all things must end sometime.

    But this website, quietly crumbling away, will remain as long as WordPress exists!


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