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  1. It is not about sexuality. I am a eunuch not on T replacement and have lost 99+% of my libido. Any word that describes sexuality has faded away after I used the J & S tools tri-bander to stop my hairloss. Even feeling naked is a blank like a dog & seeing other dogs naked basically that’s the equivalent of being a eunuch.
    Basically a straight eunuch (lose androgens after well puberty) can give a woman a bath and it would just be an assignment/duty. How much do I get paid is the question? In ancient times we worked in women’s living quarters. I still like talking to people & am still straight but the sexuality component is not there.
    A eunuch can still get married but I can’t fall in love, it would have to be faked & an alternative reason like not being alone or avoiding horrible tax rate.

    I can almost never even feel horny 99+% of the time. The skin feel is different in a way that can’t be explained. Now I feel terrible hot flashes & heat hurt & it turned soft.
    A eunuch is more likely to go naked because the heat is so horrible in Phoenix. Testosterone controls hundreds of functions.
    A eunuch is not likely to undress immediately after work because there’s no feel about anything, no feel to being naked, they’ll just do whatever feels comfortable or when they get around to it.
    However a eunch won’t wear underclothes or pajamas because it’s too hot without T. Even jeans can hurt sometimes.

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  2. Very interesting perspective. I hope you have found some sort of accommodation to your situation, it doesn’t sound like fun.

    On the brighter side, the lack of sex or sexual interest needn’t prevent finding love; ask any married man over 50!

    I once read an illuminating book about the Italian castrati that were altered and raised to be singers, and I found it to be fascinating. Wish I remembered the name of it!


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